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Chiropractic St Paul MN Lower Back Pain

"Low back pain should be viewed as a chronic problem with an untidy pattern of grumbling symptoms and periods of relative freedom from pain and disability interspersed with acute episodes, exacerbations and recurrences." Croft PR, BMJ, 1998.

Do you have low back pain in St Paul MN? Low back and neck pain (spine problems) are a significant issue in the United States. Research has shown that 2/3 of those with spine problems experience symptoms yearly (McGorry RW, SPINE 2000). The natural history of spine pain is often one of complicated and prolonged lifelong symptoms (Borkan J, SPINE 2002). Spine pain is a chronic problem with recurrent painful episodes, similiar to the trends seen with chronic asthma, rather than an acute (new) disease or condition that can be cured to never return (Deyo MD, NEJM, 2001).

Low back pain can be caused by injury, postural strain or other health problems, including some that may have serious consequences.

Around 85% of all low back pain is "mechanical" in origin, meaning it comes from the joints, nerves, muscles and tissues of the spine. The other 15% consists of things such as disc disorders, compression fractures, etc.

There are a number of potential causes ranging from work injuries, motor vehicle injuries to poor posture.

Treatment for Mechanical Back Disorders in St Paul MN

In most cases, mechanical low back pain can be dealt with effectively, if the right approach is taken. However, there are a wide variety of factors that can contribute to the pain. For successful treatment, these factors must be identified and treated as they affect each individual.

For short term relief, the federal AHCRP Guidelines state that for acute, low back pain: "spinal manipulation... is safe and effective for patients...".

The best treatment for Mechanical Back Disorders that shows long term relief is comprehensive rehabiliation. This approach that includes pain modalities, stretching, strengthening exercises, spinal manipulation/adjusting and manual therapy.

Home exercises and lifestyle modification are necessary for many people to self manage chronic low back pain.

Finally, low back problems are not normal. They are a signal, from your body to you, to get something handled. If you can't eliminate pain easily with lifestyle changes (medication use only covers up the pain, dooming it to return), then make an appointment to have your low back pain investigated.

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