Chiropractor Matthew Collins D.C.

Chiropractor St. Paul MN Matthew CollinsDr. Matthew Collins is the founder and clinic director of Twin Cities Headache Neck & Back in St. Paul, MN. His clinical practice is primarily devoted to the treatment of headaches and neck symptoms. In addition, he also treats other spine disorders in the mid and low back.

The types of conditions he treats range from stiff necks and minor daily headaches to complex conditions (such as facet joint injuries, motor vehicle crash injuries and disc herniations) that require medical co-management.

He also performs second opinions for patients who are not improving with their current treatment.


  • D.C. - Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington MN, 1999.
  • B.S. - Human Biology, Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington MN.


Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board, 2004.


  • Certified Independent Chiropractic Examiner, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners
  • Trauma Team member, Cleveland University Kansas City, Chiropractic Health Sciences, Academy of Chiropractic
  • Cox Certified, Cervical Spine, Decompression Manipulation, 2017.
  • Cox Certified, Lumbar Spine, Decompression Manipulation, 2012.
  • Acupuncture Certificate of Attainment: National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 2009.
  • Advanced Certification, Whiplash & Brain Injury Trauma Program; Spine Research Institute of San Diego, 2009.


  • Minnesota #3759


Collins ME, Misukanis TM. Chiropractic management of a patient with post traumatic vertigo of complex origin. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2005, Number 1, Volume 4, pg. 32-38.


  • Minnesota Monthly, Top Chiropractor, 2015.

Curriculum Vitae

Our Uniqueness

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."  ~ Thomas Edison


The approach we take goes beyond traditional chiropractic treatment. Unlike conventional chiropractic care (which is centered heavily around hands on spinal adjusting) we take a more balanced, comprehensive approach.

Musculoskeletal & Nervous System Problems

What makes us unique is our determination to find the specific cause of pain (pain generator) unique to each patient and then customize treatment accordingly. Once the pain generator has been identified in a patient, we take a "holistic" view of the pain. We know that the painful region of the body DOES NOT work in isolation from the rest of the body. Treatment plans are created to specifically address the specific tissues creating pain.

Treatment plans involve all the areas of the body linked to the painful region. Pain and dysfunction in the body is multifactorial. That is why there is rarely a single "magic bullet" that will end the pain.

"The restoration of function is more important than the relief of pain." ~ Craig Liebenson, DC

Depending on the nature of problem, the treatment plan may consist spinal adjusting or other types of manual therapy, modalities, in clinic and home rehabilitation, diet modification and lifestyle modifications. Also, we make referrals to other appropriate providers if co-management is needed.

Finally, we believe that having the same, generalistic, cookie cutter treatment plan for every patient is not effective. "Non-specific treatment, for non-specific pain, leads to non-specific results". Thus every patients treatment plan is unique for them and their condition.

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"Since I've been seeing Dr. Matthew Collins he gives me relief and only has you come back if you need it. He is personable and very caring. If you need help with head and neck pain, Dr. Collins is the doctor for you."

- Mrs. M. Czyz

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